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Cannon and Carriages

Irons Brothers are renowned for their fabrication and castings made for historic monuments. In particular, they specialise in wooden carriages and bronze and cast iron cannon Fine examples of their work can be seen around the world from the Bermuda Maritime Museum to the Tower of London.  Upon completion each piece is proofed for firing, should the need or occasion ever arise.

Irons Brothers manufacture both muzzle  and breach loading cannon , both types of replicas are highly accurate pieces based on surviving original examples and blue prints of the time, thereby maintaining their heritage.

Cast Iron Cannon

Cast iron cannons are a piece of art and the dedication put into the manufacture of these replica pieces is staggering.  

Each piece is painstakingly made to accurately represent the original and replicas have been made for the Tower of London, Crownhill Fort, Plymouth and the National Army Museum.

Gun Carriages

Irons Brothers also manufacture replica wooden gun carriages to complement the cast cannon.

Again to the exact dimensions of the originals.  This is achieved using either surviving original examples or contemporary plans as a blue print.  Manufactured from seasoned wood and in house castings these carriages are beautiful and stunning pieces of work.

Bronze Cannon

Early cannon barrels were manufactured from bronze, the earliest examples seen in China with document examples from 12 Century.

Irons Brothers can manufacture using either cast bronze or cast iron.