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Custom Keels

 The design of the keels is constantly evolving and developing, driven by the desire for increased performance. Over the past 40 years Irons Brothers has remained at the forefront of keel manufacture, investing in the skills and facilities necessary for modern production.   Irons Brothers work closely with designers to establish the most suitable material and construction method for the project. The modern keel fin can be made from a variety of materials depending on the properties required.

Our facilities allow fabrication of keel fin sections in a variety of materials and thickness.  Quality is of primary importance.  DNV approved welding procedures are established and followed by qualified staff.  Ultrasonic/MPI or other non destructive testing is carried out where appropriate.  The accuracy of the fabrication is constantly monitored and internal quality procedures are followed.  The final shape of the fin can be achieved through CNC machining the surface, cladding in GRP skins or race fairing depending on the design required.


High UTS and YS properties can be achieved from a carbon steel forging.  

A full forged block is produced, rough machined and subjected to heat treatment.  The final shape is then CNC machined to an accuracy of +/- 0.1mm.

Lead Castings

Refined or antimonial castings can be produced to any size.  

Irons Brothers have the capacity to produce a single casting in excess of 60,000 kg.  Lead keels or keel bulbs can be CNC machined or race faired to produce the perfect shape.


Ductile iron is still a popular choice as a fin material and solves many design issues.  The material has good mechanical properties and is a cost effective solution.

Stainless steel castings offer excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.