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Production Keels

Irons Brothers Ltd has long been a major supplier of production keels in both the UK and Europe to the major boat manufacturers.


Our success in this area has been built on a commitment to product a quality product accurately and key to this is our ongoing commitment to customer service, keel deliveries are are made door to door without any transshipment issues, such as double handling and potential for damage, thereby ensuring keels arrive safely and in as  short time as possible.

Keels  are manufactured from either iron or lead with the full production process maintained in house for consistency, accuracy and  above all quality.


With the ability to produce castings in both lead and iron and a large production capacity means we are ideally placed to service the needs of the production boat builder.

Production is kept in house from pattern making, bolt production and final casting.  Castings are either sand moulded or produced in chills depending on economy and casting suitability.


Irons Brothers understands the importance of reliable component supply and our production process is tightly controlled to ensure our keels are delivered on time.

As our production process is maintained in house, we also have the ability top react quickly to any changes in the build programme.


Our experienced and dedicated workforce understand and know the importance of a high quality product and this emphasis is paramount throughout the production process.

In house quality systems ensure that our high standards are consistently maintained throughout the product range