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Sole UK distributors for Partzsch - large motor service and repair

Irons Brothers Limited

Electrical and Mechanical Division

The Foundry,  Wadebridge


PL27 7JP

United Kingdom

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Service and repairs

We can provide electrical and mechanical inspection and evaluation to find the route cause of non-visible damage. Our repair service includes disassembly, cleaning, drying, re-impregnation of rotor windings and mechanical reconditioning of roller and plain bearings.

Mechanical reconditioning includes application of bearing seats, fittings, renovation of fans, junction boxes, cables, installation of laminated cores, rotor bars, welding, replacement of tie rods and much more.

In addition we offer our customers a rotor balancing service. We can balance all rotors from approximately 10 kg to 32 T at their nominal speed (2-12 pole).

Machines up to an individual unit weight of 120 T can be reconditioned; the rated voltage can be up to 18 KV.

Service and Repairs